Yard Games That Add A Fun Factor To Your Wedding Reception

A significant part of planning a wedding involves devising ways to keep guests entertained throughout the reception. Hiring a live band or bringing in a photobooth definitely raise the bar, but incorporating lawn games into the agenda is a great way to increase the evening’s overall fun factor. No longer reserved for backyard BBQs or tailgates, these activities are a great way to keep attendees occupied during downtime (like when the bridal party is greeting guests or being photographed, for example). Yard games also help friends and family members to break the ice, encouraging guests to mingle with one another.

While most yard games will be dependent on available space, which to incorporate really depends on personal preference. For a dose of inspiration, we’ve included our favorite lawn games for wedding receptions below:

Undoubtedly amongst the most popular yard games, cornhole is fun and easy to play for participants of all ages. Despite requiring a bit of space, cornhole involves several players making it one of the more engaging activities out there.

Never played before? Check out the official rules here.

A mix of ultimate frisbee and beer pong, kanjam is another yard game that is ideal for groups of players and is painless to setup. This activity also requires a bit of space to play and arguably more skill than cornhole, but will keep guests entertained all night long.

New to kanjam? Check out the official rules here.

Tug on your guests nostalgic heartstrings by taking their beloved childhood board games up a notch. Giant-sized Connect Four or Jenga blocks require minimal space and can be easily personalized to commemorate the day.

(There are also great projects for DIY couples! Find out how to make Connect Four here, and get a tutorial on Giant Jenga here.

Still looking for some other ideas of fun games to add to your wedding reception? This article from The Knot will get you started in the right direction. May your wedding planning be all fun and games!